Storm Damage


During a storm, Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your property with astounding swiftness. Storms take a toll causing structural damage while exposing your most treasured assets to the elements and trespassers.

Metro Atlanta experiences a significant amount of nasty weather every year. Hail storm, tornadoes, high winds, torrential rains and lightning are prevalent. Thousands of homes are affected by these events. Damage can range from a few loose shingles or hail dings to total eradication of a home or business. Storm and water damage repair is a unique area of construction that requires skilled contractors like Win Win to navigate.

Often times after a nasty weather event, affected areas will be swarming with contractors trying to secure repair projects. Win Win Emergency Restorations does not engage in any predatory sales tactics. We believe that property owners need to take time for the initial shock of the damage to wear off prior to making any major restoration decisions. We want you to feel good about choosing Win Win. We won’t show up unless we are invited by you or your insurance carrier.