Success Stories

Testimonial #1

“In January we had a horrible ice storm which resulted in burst pipes. The results of this storm ruined my hardwood floors, drywall, and kitchen cabinets. I was devastated. I felt very fortunate to find Win Win. The office staff was professional and courteous and put me at ease. Not only did they promptly take care of my immediate needs, but a skilled and professional team was dispatch to my home with in 1 hour! Win Win was able to restore my property and billed my insurance company for the work. The work didn’t cost me anything. I love my kitchen and they did an outstanding job on my hardwood floors and painting. Not only have I found Win Win and their staff to be consummate professionals, but they treat their customers with the utmost respect and courtesy in a time of need.”

Testimonial #2

“I returned home after a long day only to find my home flooded from toilets overflowing. It was a disaster zone and I was hysterical. I was so relieved to know that they could come and control the situation that evening. My hardwood floors, walls and basement were totally ruined. However, Win Win came to the rescue and now my floors look better than before the damage and my entire basement is brand new. These people may not be life savers, but they are property savers. In an age when it is getting rarer to encounter people who deliver what is expected; Win Win stands above the rest. I thoroughly recommend this company.”

Testimonial #3

June of this year, I was encountered with a water leak within my home.  In total frustration of not being able to detect where it was coming from, I called for help.  WinWin Home Improvements came to my rescue the same day.  They worked until the problem was located(within the walls)and repaired it.  It was  explained to me thoroughly of what happen, the steps needed in order to repair everything they did to locate the leak, including cutting the sheet rock,  pulling up the carpet and removing siding outside.

Within 24 hours, I had power fans and dehumidifiers running to remove water and mold.  It was then explained to me how long it would approximately take for the house to dry out and what had to be done to get my house completely repaired.

I was informed I needed to contact my insurance company and was given all the proper information to file a claim.  Mr. Corhen even met with the claim adjustor on the day of inspection.  I was really impressed when he asked me to make sure I saved all of the damaged piping they removed.  This was really a plus, because the claim office later asked me to mail the piping the claims adjustor forgot to take.  All of Mr. Corhen’s cooperation and professionalism has really been a blessing and has completely taken pressure off of me.

Everything Mr. Corhen had assured me of has been done.  His staff has always been on time and their work very professional.Will I use and recommend Win Win Home Improvement….YOU BET I WILL.

Testimonial #4

I want to thank you and compliment you and your team on the superb job that you did at my residence. I was very pleased on the great job your team of professionals accomplished following the pipe burst and subsequent flood of my home on January 2014. Within hours of calling you,your crew arrived onsite as promised, and with the right people and equipment to do the job correctly and quickly. You explained the process to me, and directed the crew in quickly mitigating the damage. In addition to cleaning up all the standing water, they removed the hard wood, cut out damaged sheetrock, and helped move things around in the house to facilitate the drying process. By the end of the day, the ground floor was equipped with portable fans and de-humidifiers. Then the real work began.

The emotional toll on me was tremendous, but you and your team worked with me through the insurance company and my mortgage company to get it right. More importantly, you provide me with advice and assistance in selecting materials and supplies for my home. There where new drywall, molding, new floors and painting to name a few was completed with in a couple of weeks.

I was so over joyed with there storation that I followed up with a Kitchen remodel,a new fireplace and a built in bookcase shortly after. WinWin level of professionalism and skilled craftsman ship made you and your team a pleasure to work with. Ray, you exceeded my expectations for an honest and cooperative contractor.